Terms of Use (ToU)

These Terms of Use (“ToU”) are part of the Subscription Agreement between Customer and OPTEL (the “Agreement”) by which OPTEL provides Customer with a Software as a Service (Certa™) to assist Customer with its obligation to meet the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive (or other similar regulation).

These ToU apply to the access and the use by Customer and its Authorized Users of Certa™ and any other software for which the Customer has been granted an access or a license by OPTEL (hereinafter referred to as “Software”).

If you are reading this, it’s because you have been authorized by Customer to use the Software provided by OPTEL in the course of your duties to, or employment with, Customer and are then an “Authorized User” pursuant to the Agreement and the present ToU.

You may not use the Software without first agreeing to these ToU.

The rights to use and access Certa™ may be suspended or terminated for violation of these ToU without the Customer being entitled to any credit or other compensation.

Use of the Software

You personally agree not to use, and not to encourage or allow any user to use, the Software in the following prohibited ways:

Other Networks

Customer and its Authorized Users must comply with the rules of any other network it accesses or participates in when using the Software, as well as with all applicable laws and regulations.

Personal Data

In order to provide you with a user ID and allow you an access to the Software that is protected by password, you will provide us with certain personal information (your name, e-mail address, etc.).

This personal information will be stored at OPTEL within the European Union and used by OPTEL for the sole purpose of the Agreement with the Customer and to provide you with an access to the Software, as Customer desires.

OPTEL has put in place security measures to protect all personal information and guarantees that all the personal information will only be accessed by employees who need to do so in the course of their job duties.

You may withdraw your consent to OPTEL having collected and stored your personal information, request a copy of all information OPTEL holds on you, have OPTEL rectify any inaccurate information, and ask OPTEL to erase all of your personal information. In order to do so you can communicate with OPTEL by mail to:

Optel Group,
2680 boul. Parc-Technologique,
Québec, Québec,
G1P 4S6